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dies sch◆eme for home app●liance

purchase●sBEIJING, Feb. 27 ◆(Xinhua) -- Ch■ina's Ministry of● Commerce (MOC) s〓aid Friday that th○e government w〓ould grant

t○o the

20 ■billion yua○n (2.93 billion 〓U.

S. dollars) subsi◆dies in 2009 to bo●ost electro◆nic applia●nce sales in rural● areas


. Th◆e plan was ex〓pected to s

timulat●e rural consumptio〓n up to 150 billion ●yuan, the MO○C said. An offic●ial w

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ith the MOC, ■Liu Haiqua■n, told a p

ress○ conferenc〓e that rural residen■ts' average income ●in 2008 reach

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